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J Logistics Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2003 as joint venture company with C&P Holdings Pte Ltd. We have access to C&P Holdings’ warehouse facilities (largest in Singapore). Total combined fleet size of 250 prime movers, 84 trucks and 50 vans. We provide full service, managing and performing multiple operations in the supply chain. We expertly handle the fundamentals of a third party provider, and have come to know and understand what it takes to bring efficiency to your supply chain. J Logistics’ culture is based upon beliefs that produce excellent results for our customers and employees. Our employees have a highly developed sense of urgency, accountability and the confidence to handle any customer’s needs.


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AMP Logistics is a leading transportation and logistics company that focuses on creating supply chain solutions for companies in a variety of industries and other niche requirements.

Specializing in sensitive, time-critical methodology that requires a high-degree of personal service, AMP listens to its customers and gains a thorough understanding of their requirements. It is that knowledge that allows AMP to design and implement a solution that rationalizes the supply chain process thus optimizing costs and efficiency.

AMP’s industry-specific supply chain solutions are built on a leadership team of veteran logistics professionals as well as on our global capabilities.

Headquartered in Singapore, AMP’s solutions are also built on our decade’s worth of expertise which provides customers with flexibility and control throughout the supply chain process.

But what really sets an AMP solution apart and what customers appreciate most of all is the unmatched personal, around-the-clock service that we deliver every day.